Sustainable eCommodity Solutions from ATRecycle

As a global leader in ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) solutions since 1992, ATRecycle has developed a robust marketplace to repurpose, resell and recycle business class electronics, and technology equipment.   When possible ATRecycle will repair, reuse and/or resell these assets in the secondary markets through a network of wholesale distributors and through our online stores.   The remaining components, accessories and reclaimed materials that do not require serialization are generally sold as an eCommodity.

E-commodities are essentially the components and accessories that make up the electronics we use each day. Recycling companies like ATRecycle collect, sort and refine these materials into specific categories based on value, material composition and contaminations present.   ATRecycle has launched an innovative and transparent new program that helps business customers navigate this complex world of scrap commodities by breaking them into manageable categories.

Customers that have any type of electronic equipment, components or accessories that do not require individual serialization and you would like to participate in a program where you can play an active roll in increasing your materials recoverable value this program is designed for you.

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