Sustainable e-Commodity Materials for Buyers

As a global  leader in ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) solutions since 1992, ATR has developed a robust marketplace to acquire business class electronics, and technology scrap that can no longer be used.   The majority of equipment we process can be repaired and resold in the secondary markets like Ebay, via Wholesale distributors program and through our online stores.

As supply chain shortages increase and transportation options decrease ATR is rolling out a new program that will provide access to Millions of pounds of sorted eCommodities throughout our 8 locations.  The eCommodity program empowers customers to take an active roll in sorting, preparing and even selling a wide range of clean and presorted scrap commodities.

If you are interested in purchasing bulk materials like RAM, CPUs, PCBs, HDDs, PCs, Servers, Monitors, Wire, Metals, Power Supplies and adapters we encourage you to complete the form below so we can better understand your acquisition needs.  ATR has eight (8) locations strategically located throughout the U.S. that can provide sustained material flows on the eCommodities you need.