Sustainable e-Commodity Solutions for Sellers

As a global  leader in ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) solutions since 1992, ATR has developed a robust marketplace to repurpose, resell and recycle business class electronics, and technology equipment that can no longer be used.   The majority of equipment we process can be repaired and resold in the secondary markets like Ebay, via Wholesale distributors and through our online store.

E-commodities are essentially the components and accessories that make up the electronics we use each day. Recycling companies like ATR collect, sort and refine these materials into specific categories based on value, material composition and contaminations present.   ATR has launched an innovative and transparent new program that helps business customers navigate this complex world of scrap commodities by breaking them into manageable categories.

What’s the difference between e-waste and e-commodities

Companies like ATR that are R2 and ISO certified must differentiate between assets that are serialized which require additional steps to manage vs materials like wire, batteries, and even metals that are often scattered throughout a shipment.  ATR’s eCommodity program provides the necessary guidelines to help customers separate materials that have value from those that do not.  Customers who wish to maximize their materials value can follow specific parameters that help reduce contaminants and increase values through consolidation.

For example, a shipment containing 10,000 pounds of e-Waste can include hundreds of pounds of wire scattered throughout the shipment.  ATR must untangle and sort this wire into various categories which significantly reduces or even eliminates any residual value to the originating customer.   However, if the IT department can separate all the wire from the rest of the assets it can now be bought and sold as a commodity.